The mission of the project is to uplift and validate diverse expressions of beauty and challenge body stereotypes in the world of professional ballet.

Positive ballet seeks to address negative body image ideals which affect a dancer’s sense of worth and promote a positive vision of the various expressions of the human form.

Positive Ballet is an experiment and attempt at answering these questions:

How can we artists and dancers strive for the best, our highest potential in the form of ballet and in our artistic development without succumbing to the standards of an idealized model?

How can we, in the face of a standardized mainstream vision of highest potential, come to know, love and trust ourselves for our individuality and imperfection?

How can there be an example of ballet in the world that fundamentally does not hurt women?

As a company and performing body, Positive Ballet will provide dancers with access to opportunities and a platform for creative process and public performance.

About the project manager

Julia began dancing ballet at the age of seven and pursued professional ballet training throughout high school. Frustrated and disheartened by lack of opportunity, coupled with her exhaustion from the pressures to conform to an ideal body type that she could not meet, she rerouted from her professional dance career track and went on to pursue degrees in French Language and Linguistics and studies in Theology and Experimental Performance. Julia danced professionally for a short time after college before deciding to pursue a broader experimental training.

Julia launched her own practice and started performing professionally again as an experimental producer, basing her work out of dance, comedy and interactive theater. Throughout her expansion and studies, she has always maintained a strong connection with the practice of dancing ballet and an undying love for the art form.

The tension between her love of ballet and her inability to reconcile the incongruences of her values with the values of the professional ballet world has been a source of both strife and creativity in her life.

Julia has initiated this project in an effort to reach other dancers who find themselves in the same position: connected to the passion and love for the art form of ballet and unwilling to compromise mental health, self-respect, and love of the natural body form. She seeks to promote a vision of dancers who set their own standards and challenge the notion of a desirable body type within the dance world.

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